Setting Standards

No other hardwood flooring manufacturer shows as much commitment to quality and design as Mirage does. For decades, Mirage Floors has enjoyed its position as a market leader in Canada and abroad. When Mirage acts, every other brand takes notice. Ayr Flooring Inc. is proud to be Mirage’s only authorized dealer for Mirage Floors in Kitchener and Waterloo.

Made in Canada, by Canadians

Mirage Floors keeps every aspect of its manufacturing process in St. Georges, Quebec, just an hour south of Quebec City. Mirage’s two plants ensure that every aspect of the process from lumber stacking and drying to finishing and boxing is carefully overseen by the company’s local employees. From Quebec, to your home in Kitchener Waterloo, Mirage Floors is uniquely Canadian.




An Investment in a Lifetime Floor

When customers purchase a Mirage Floor, they purchase the peace of mind in knowing that their floor is going to last lifetime. Precision milling, unsurpassed technology and an exceptional finish all play a large part in what makes Mirage Floors different from others. Buying a Mirage floor is an investment in quality and a strong statement about supporting a Canadian company that is truly at the top of the global market when it comes to hardwood flooring.


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