Great floors, installed the right way.

An Ayr Flooring Installation Includes:

  • Full Job Inspection
  • Subfoor Preparation
  • Quality Nails & Cleats
  • EFA Glue (if required)
  • Careful Installers
  • Minimal Dust
  • On-Site Foremen
  • Finishing Options

Our Quality Install

Having someone in your home to perform renovation work can be stressful. There’s always the worry that things won’t get done on time or that the job will go over budget or that something gets broken around the house due to the carelessness of the workers. We do not use outside contractors to complete our work. Our team is compensated hourly as opposed to by the square foot to ensure that work is done right and to our standards as opposed to someone else’s. We only use the best materials during install and we demand that our installers take the time to do the finer, detail work right.


We have all the necessary components to ensure that your job is finished right including baseboard trim, custom vents, nosings, transitions and t-mouldings.


Someone will be available to walk customers through what to expect out of our install process to ensure complete comfort from the homeowner’s perspective.


All of our installers are WSIB certified and hold full WHIMIS and Fall-Arrest certificates and are trained in First-Aid. The materials we use have full Material Safety Data Sheets.
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